Trading Financial Uncertainty

Trading Financial Uncertainty

Trading Financial Uncertainty – Into A Golden Opportunity 

Protecting Your Wealth by Relocating to the UAE 

The global pandemic has proven time and time again that humankind is nothing if not resilient. Governments, communities, and global institutions are banding together to remedy the unspeakable economic and social damage that COVID-19 has wreaked, but at what cost? 

The Cost of COVID-19 

The world’s economies are currently facing financial strain of the likes we’ve never seen before. Despite the European Central Bank’s (ECB) valiant attempts to mitigate the financial pressure the market currently faces, countless European banks simply can’t keep up. With the Federal Financial Services Authority (BaFin) breathing down their necks, and with loans remaining unpaid, many smaller banks and financial institutions across Europe are facing the very real threat of bankruptcy. Germany is therefore desperately reaching for alternative revenue sources, and the wealthiest residents might be their next solution. 

With a proposed wealth levy of up to 30% on all assets being discussed by relevant governments, business owners and individuals need to find ways to protect their wealth as far as possible. However, with such volatile economic conditions and overwhelming uncertainty, it seems like we simply cannot plan. 

A Change of Perspective 

From the point of view of a European business owner or entrepreneur, the future of their wealth seems dire. However, while it may seem hard to imagine, protecting your wealth isn’t impossible. There are options available that will help you not only start protecting your wealth, but perhaps even grow it. 

A Golden Light 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE), or City of Gold, has become an economic haven for young families, professionals, and business owners who are looking for more stable, business-focused and rewarding opportunities. With no federal income tax and a world-class infrastructure, the UAE boasts living standards that many can only dream of. 

From exceptional education structures and growth opportunities, to the freedom of movement and lack of severe COVID-19 restrictions, Dubai is proving itself a haven for foreigners and expats around the globe. For forward-looking business owners who plan to break into the Asian market, moving to the UAE is an even more viable option. 

Making The UAE More Accessible 

Moving to the UAE, especially as a business owner or family, might seem overwhelming at first. However, with the right support and industry-specific experience, you can start protecting your wealth sooner than you thought. 

When you work with Alexander Erber, you’ll gain instant access to global tax strategies, world-class asset protection tactics, and a straight-forward approach to transferring to the UAE as a family or individual. 

Protect Your Tomorrow by Acting Today 

While the future of the European economy hangs in the balance, you can still gain the peace of mind that you deserve when it comes to protecting your wealth. Reach out to Alexander Erber today to learn more about how moving to the UAE can unlock a world of financial, personal, and professional opportunities. 

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