Global Wealth Strategies

Partner with a wealth strategist who is ready to share the best-kept industry secrets that can (and will) unlock endless opportunity for growth,
investment, and engagement. 

An Alternative to The Traditional Banking System

The way we use, generate, and think about wealth is changing at lightning-speeds and, as a global finance consultant,
I’ve seen these changes first-hand. 

Traditional banking systems are struggling to evolve in the fast-paced world dominated by ground-breaking digital investments and crypto giants like Ethereum and Bitcoin. Banking leaders like Goldman Sachs, Blackstone and countless others have frantically started investing in cryptocurrency because, like us, they know that the traditional banking system, just like every other system that struggles to evolve,
will eventually be left behind as we power towards digital national currencies. 

With a wealth strategist in your corner, you’ll be able to make the informed and highly rewarding investment decisions necessary to thrive in
any economic landscape. 

The Strategies That Secure Your Wealth for Generations to Come

My global wealth strategies are tailor-made to suit your needs as an investor, an entrepreneur, and a business. Whether you choose to perfect your current approach, or start anew, I’ll share the skills and strategies to make your transition as seamless as possible. 


  • Smarter, More Rewarding Investments

High-reward crypto investments are the inevitable future of finance. As a global finance consultant, I’m here to help you make sound,
rewarding investments in the industries that are growing faster by the day. 

  • Knowing Where to Go 

Relocating to the UAE is one of the most rewarding financial moves that you can make as an investor in this day and age. In 2020 alone, the UAE rightfully earned its title as the City of Gold by garnering billions of dollars of investments from investors all over the world, and with my support and close guidance, you can become one of them. 

  • Protecting What’s Yours 

With tax burdens of up to 50%, many individuals are looking for more sustainable and economically viable ways to protect their wealth.
My courses will show you how you can secure your wealth in ways that not only keep it safe, but help it grow. 

The Time Is Now

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You can choose from three unique consulting and implementation packages and courses that each have their own unique service offers,
topics, and predicted outcomes. To learn more about the cost and content of my online courses, click the button below. 

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Get the professional, experienced, and personal insight and guidance you need to make smarter investment decisions, protect the wealth
you’ve worked so hard to generate, and hone your edge as a skilled global investor. 



What I Offer My Clients

Valued at 10,000 EUR, this Mastermind is the key to unlocking staggering wealth in a secure, safe, and rewarding way.

Personal Consulting

I’ll help you fast-track your ROI by allowing you to tap into more than 10 years of global finance experience and insight. 


Partner withGLOBAL WEALTH STRATEGIES a wealth strategistGLOBAL WEALTH STRATEGIES who is ready to share the best-kept industry secrets GLOBAL WEALTH STRATEGIESthat can (and will) unlock endless opportunity for growth,

investment, and engagement. GLOBAL WEALTH STRATEGIES


My Packages

  • Basic 

The basic package is a comprehensive introduction to the world of global wealth creation. You’ll learn more about what is it, why it matters,
and which benefits it holds in terms of securing financial freedom in a sustainable, rewarding, and low-risk way. You’ll also gain the insight
and skills you need to implement your own strategies independently. 

  • Premium 

 This package is for individuals and investors who want the close, personal guidance of a wealth strategist that’s on call at all times. I’ll guide you throughout the foundation phase before and after its implementation, while facilitating rewarding professional connections to recognized banks. 

  • VIP 

This package includes all of the above with the addition of introducing you to the UAE market and relevant UAE-based professionals and investors. This comprehensive course will empower you with world-class skills, strategies, and implementations. 

How It Works

  • Booking A Consultation 

During our initial 15-minute consultation, I’ll walk you through what you can expect from my courses and consultations. 

  • Honing Your Investment Skills 

Once you’ve signed up or purchased any of my course content, you’ll immediately gain access to immediately-actionable skills and insight that will transform the way you invest. 

  • Facilitating New Connections 

If you choose my VIP Package and start the process of relocating to the UAE, I’ll facilitate meetings between you and local professionals in real estate investment, health insurance, and more. 

  • About Alexander Erber 

I’ll take the time to introduce you to the UAE as a whole and clearly illustrate the tax, investment, and personal growth opportunities that it presents to high-level investors like you. 

Über Alexander Erber

I’ve held a wealth of different titles throughout my career, from global finance consultant to experienced wealth strategist, and global optimizer strategist to entrepreneur. Regardless of the position or title that I held, I’m a problem solver at heart. I’ve recognized the pressing need for professional, industry-specific guidance for investors who need modern, rewarding solutions to the age-old challenge of securing and protecting their wealth – and I plan to satisfy that need with high-performing, precise investment and wealth creation strategies. 

  • 10 Years of Experience
  • $200,000 of Education
  • 130,000 partners 
  • 110 million turn-over
  • 101 countries worldwide

Ensuring Real-Time Results with Real-World Experience

  • SalesTrainer 

  Before I founded Alexander Erber, I worked for a sales trainer in Germany for about five years. During my time there, I supported numerous clients on their journey to personal development and sales growth. I gained the valuable insights I needed to make financial skills and insights more accessible to investors around the world.

  • Alexander Erber Consulting and Coaching 

As the founder and owner of Alexander Erber, I’m honored to be partnered with some of the biggest names in global finance consulting and strategy. I’ve been mentored by incredible experts and have in turned mentored others with the same level of professionalism and integrity.  

Break Into the Investment Landscape of Tomorrow

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If you have any questions about my services as a global finance consultant or wealth strategist, feel free to reach out to me today. Alternatively, follow my social media channels and newsletter for regular updates about relocating to the UAE and making high-reward crypto investments.