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It Takes Two

Successfully completing sales often involves a variety of different communication and negotiation skills. Some people are better at pitching initial ideas and making connections with potential clients. These types of sellers are known as openers.

If, however, you’re better at negotiating the terms and strategies to finalize the deal, then you’d be considered a closer.

While both of these types of people have their place in the sales process, and play invaluable roles in their industries, it takes someone who can do both to truly be successful as an entrepreneur.

Get The Skills You Need in No Time

By investing in sales training for entrepreneurs, you’ll be investing in your ability to connect with potential clients, discuss and negotiate the terms that serve both of your best interests, and close on the deal in a faster, more effective way. Instead of spending countless hours trying to research how to do it, you can reach out to Alexander Erber.

Alexander has a wealth of hard-earned skills and insight gained from spending decades teaching, mentoring, and coaching others. He’s used and perfected his skills in his own business endeavors, which means that each aspect of his sales training for entrepreneurs is based on real-world experience and amazing results.

Start Negotiating Without Compromise

When looking for new ways to increase your sales or simply hone your sales-skills, you might consider offering discounts or special offers to your clients. While discounts and special offers do hold value in the sales process, they should be used as strategic parts of your sales plan, not a last resort when your other ideas have failed.

Instead of lowering your prices or rates, you can increase your negotiation and sales skills to keep your potential and existing clients interested in what you have to say and engaged with what you have to offer.

Let The Numbers Speak for Themselves

An investment of this kind isn’t something that many business owners or entrepreneurs make lightly. To give you more confidence about signing up for our sales training for entrepreneurs, we can assure you that our clients and past students have been able to unlock staggering results and successes thanks to our professional guidance.

You could increase your sales by up to 300% in a matter of months when you sign up to this in- depth, practical course and coaching program.

What You Can Expect

To give you a clearer idea of what you’ll be learning during your sales training for entrepreneurs, we’ve outlined some of the key topics and skills we’ll cover. When you sign up to this program, you’ll learn more about:

  • How to create the perfect sales offer
  • How to open delicate or sensitive discussions during a client interaction
  • How to negotiate with more authority and confidence
  • How to update and shape your sales strategies to help you meet your goals
  • How to use industry-specific insight to lead your sales process and close the deal
  • And so much more!

Get Started Now

By Reaching Out To a Sales Professional Who Cares

Alexander Erber is as invested in your sales success as he is in his own. Your success is a direct reflection of his ability to teach and share the skills he’s learned in the past few decades. With his support and constant guidance, you’ll have everything you need to skyrocket your sales success and transform the trajectory of your business, no matter how big or small it might be.

Want To Know More?

If you have any questions about our sales training for entrepreneurs, complete our contact form right now. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Sales Training for entrepreneurs
Whatever your business or stage of business, Sales revenue is critical to survival, growth, access to investment and ongoing financial stability.

It is likely you have invested significant time cost and energy in your company to date, had great feedback about your product’s potential and believe for all the right reasons it will sell and continue to sell itself.Sales Training for entrepreneurs.

However, you may be less familiar or comfortable with selling and sales processes and don’t see yourself as a stereo-typical ‘sales’ type. Whilst you know Sales is important, at the same time you might also be juggling all the different elements that make your business work or have so many opportunities you may not be sure where to focus.

10 of the top 20 reasons early stage companies fail are sales skills related (Source: CB Insights).Sales Training for entrepreneurs.

SalesSchool has been developed by London-based Sales experts, with experience from working all over the world, and brings a credible and replicable approach to prioritising and converting customer sales quickly. Using proven tools and techniques and simply structured around 3 key levers, this bite-sized learning will help you achieve sales results fast.Sales Training for entrepreneurs.

The course includes:

World class tools and techniques to help you build an effective Sales Pipeline, better Understand your Customers and provide a framework to confidently navigate the Sales Conversation:

Sales Pipeline: You will be able to size and prioritise opportunities to help allocate resource and forecast future revenues.

Customer Understanding: You will appreciate how a customer’s business works, their needs, their goals and ambitions to determine how your product helps them achieve that.Sales Training for entrepreneurs.

Sales Conversation: You will be ready to talk about, or pitch, your product in language your customer will understand and show how it best meets their needs and solves their issues.

SalesSchool Notepad to capture your own thoughts and notes as you progress through your learning.

Templates and exercises to complete using your own information as you journey through the course.Sales Training for entrepreneurs.

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