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Opening A Bank Account in the UAE

Best Business Banking Consulting. Choosing the right bank and opening a suitable bank account are processes that are complex and confusing at the best of times. When you need to do these things in a foreign country, however, they become infinitely harder. You’ll need to select, analyze, and choose between banks you might have never heard of before – let alone navigate the different regulations and legal requirements. Best Business Banking Consulting.

When it comes to opening a bank account in the UAE, you need to follow the right processes and adhere to the relevant regulations. You can’t afford to make any mistakes, which is why you need to work with a professional business consulting firm like Global Success Consulting today.

Our Services

We offer a variety of different bank account opening services to cater for your unique needs. We want to save your valuable time by providing you with only what you need and nothing you don’t. BEST BUSINESS BANKING CONSULTING

Helping You Open Your New Account as A UAE Resident

We’ll provide you with industry-specific and proven advice regarding the opening of a general bank account. This service is specifically aimed at entrepreneurs or individuals who already have UAE residency status. This service includes our constant guidance and step-by-step instructions on how to open your account independently.

Choosing A Bank

We’ll assist you with one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make when relocating to the UAE or setting up your business. We’ll make an appointment on your behalf to meet with two unique banks (partners). Then, we’ll accompany you to the appointment to provide you with professional, real-time support. While we’re there, we’ll help you choose the bank that suits your unique financial circumstances and goals.

Our VIP Account Opening Services

We’ll assign a dedicated consultant that will work on your account throughout the course of your bank applications. Your consultant will be on call at all times to provide you with the necessary steps you need to take to open business or private bank accounts at different financial institutions in the UAE.

Each and every one of the documents needed during these applications will be managed and implemented by your dedicated consultant. This makes sure that you won’t waste a single dollar or second while opening a bank account in the UAE.

Book A Consultation

To learn more about how we can help you start opening a bank account in the UAE, set up a fee- based consultation with one of our dedicated team members now.

Banking Consulting UAE

Personal bank account

Open your account from home. Enjoy a banking relationship that’s packed with services and product offers.

Instant Money Transfers
60 Second Free Transfers
Online Banking
30 bill payment partners
Types: Current Account, Savings Account, Deposit Account
Corporate bank account

We guarantee to provide you with the best banking consultancy services in UAE and also we offer free banking consultancy services to business bank account opening. Meet trusted bankers. Inspection support. Be ready for the Automatic Exchange of Information. Proof you owe 0% income tax.

Unicorn Corporates is one of the leading business banking consultancy companies in the UAE that provides services for business arrangements in the UAE. At Unicorn Corporates we have professional banking consultants for business arrangements on Offshore, Free zones, Banking Consulting UAE and Mainland throughout the Emirates in the UAE.

Unicorn Corporates is one of the largest funders of the Offshore Company and Freezone Company in the UAE. We have strong relationships with all major banks in the UAE so that investors find it easy to open bank accounts in the UAE. Bank officials will visit our office and sign documents from the owners of the newly established company through us Banking Consulting UAE.

Opening company bank accounts for clients from CIS countries is more difficult because of rigid procedures for checking new clients. It is possible for someone to visit the UAE and open a company here, spend time and money Banking Consulting UAE, and still unable to open an account.

They will not notify the reason for the decline. To avoid such results, contact our banking consultants, and we will prepare all the documents needed beforehand to open a bank account in the UAE and Banking Consulting UAE.

Our banking consultants understand all aspects of the process and have information about which company accounts you can open at each bank. We classify companies in UAE according to the level of bank risk. Offshore companies have the highest level of risk and are the most difficult to open Banking Consulting UAE.

In, second and third places are land companies opened in visa-free zones outside Dubai and land companies in Dubai free zones with registered visas for company founders. Local companies with offices, inside or outside the free zone, are the easiest way to open a bank account. Need help with Banking Consulting UAE.

Our investment banking consultants know all the details of opening an account in the UAE, providing full support for opening an account, personal help Banking Consulting UAE, and the acquisition of all the tools needed to manage your account. To learn more about our business consultancy services Banking Consulting UAE, contact us with the number provided Banking Consulting UAE.

The requirements for opening a company bank account in the UAE for foreign companies are constantly changing and depend on certain Banking Consulting UAE. If you want to open an account like that, contact our investment banking consultants for a more detailed investment banking consultancy.

Another important point is that the physical presence of company applicants is mandatory for registration. Current law governs this requirement and applies to all financial institutions in Banking Consulting UAE.

It is impossible to open an account without the personal presence of the founder of the company. Otherwise, it will declare the procedure invalid and will block the account. Because the UAE is not a member of the Apostille Agreement (as of 5.10.1961), the founding documents are subject to mandatory legalization.

This is a difficult and complex process, which requires certification of documents at the UAE consulate in the country where they register the legal entity and legalization at the UAE Foreign Ministry. To speed up this process, we recommend that you contact our banking consultancy department.

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