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Want to form your company with IFZA? Global Success Consulting is the name your industry trusts for support with cost-effective and direct company incorporation in Dubai. As a recognized partner of Free Zone IFZA, we will help you find the right free zone for your business. No high agency fees. No unmanageable paperwork. With Global Success Consulting by your side, forming your company in Dubai is simple, cost-effective, and fast to boot.

What is the IFZA Free Zone?

IFZA – short for International Free Zone Authority – is undoubtedly one of the UAE’s most popular Free Zones. IFZA has established itself as one of the nation’s leading investment hubs, ranking high on the list of the most attractive Free Zones in the UAE. Aside from its strategic location close to the Dubai International Airport and Downtown Dubai, IFZA is also one of the country’s most sought-after destinations. IFZA also offers a cost-effective solution for Dubai company formation, with various packages available to entrepreneurs just like you.

Why Should You Establish Your Company with IFZA?
Not only does business setup in IFZA promise 100% foreign ownership, but you will also be exempt from personal, income, or corporate taxes – not to mention paid-up shared capital. As an IFZA member, you are also granted full repatriation of capital and profits, while benefitting infinitely from IFZA’s strategic, opportunity-boosting location. No matter the nature of your business activities, IFZA business setup guarantees a fast and easy process bolsted by global connectivity and world-class infrastructure

An Option for Every Business

Start Your Journey Today

When you work with Global Success Consulting, you have three different ways to work with us and set up your company in Dubai. Contact us today to start a conversation and find out how you can get started with Dubai company formation, sooner rather than later. Your options include:

Basic Package (Low-Cost Company Formation)

Get everything you need and nothing you don’t on your Dubai company formation journey. Our basic package includes low-cost company formation only, although our experts will also provide you with a list for your Emirates ID implementation (including your medical test and biometric screening). We will also share a list of bank contacts for independent implementation of personal and corporate banking.

Sign-Up:  Once you sign up for our basic Dubai company formation package, you will have the option to select the activities you intend on engaging in from an online list. You can also send us data on owners, shareholders, and company names so that we can make the process as simple and streamlined for you as possible. The Dubai company formation process involves the following:

  • Share your ideal
  • company structure
  • Business registration application
  • Documentation submission
  • License fee payment
  • IFZA e-agreement issuance
  • Signing of e-agreement and capital letter sharing (applicable to FZE and FZCO)
  • E-license issuance

Payment: All Dubai company formation package payments must be made directly to Free Zone IFZA. Please send us your receipt, which you will receive upon successful payment.

Dubai Company Formation: Once we have your proof of payment, our dedicated team can go ahead and set up your company with IFZA. Once the incorporation is complete, you may go ahead and collect your documentation yourself. Don’t panic – we will provide full instructions on how to do so with confidence.

With our Basic Package, all you need to tackle on your own is your Emirates ID, along with your medical test, biometrics, and the collection of your documents at the Free Zone IFZA. However, if you want a more hands-off experience where we take care of everything on your behalf, consider upgrading to one of our higher-end packages. To get started with our Basic Package, BOOK HERE today. This is the only way to get support with low-cost company formation in Dubai!


If you would prefer to have uncompromised support at every stage of your Dubai company formation journey, then our premium package is for you. With our premium Dubai company formation package, you will get professional assistance and the time and energy of our team. BOOK HERE to go premium today, only with Global Success Consulting!


Introducing our most popular Dubai company formation package for clients in search of a 100% hands-on experience when establishing a company in Dubai. This is Global Success Consulting’s fastest and most comprehensive Dubai company formation package, with 98% of the process performed on your behalf, on the spot.

This is the perfect package for clients who want to save time and money while enjoying concierge-level service that leaves nothing to be desired. This is not our first rodeo, and it won’t be our last. We have served enough VIP clients to know exactly how to expedite your Dubai company formation journey, without compromising the quality of the outcome.
As an esteemed VIP client of Global Success Consulting, your to-do list will be minimal – and your Dubai company establishment will be pushed to the top of our priority list. Not only do we offer comprehensive advice and strategic immigration support, but we will also simplify and streamline every single part of the Dubai company formation process. Our team will accompany you before, during, and long after the establishment of your company. Here’s what you get as a VIP client:

  • Up to 5 hours with our team to ask your questions regarding Dubai company formation
  • Our broad experience and network at your disposal
  • Support with all official procedures, including your Emirates ID and biometrics screening (done on the same day)
  • With your permission, we will receive your Emirates ID from the relevant Dubai authorities (with priority service for you as our esteemed client)

Seeing as the intricacies of this package consume more of our team’s time and energy, the price-tag is higher than our Basic or Premium packages. However, all of our VIP clients share the same feedback at the end of the day – being a Global Success Consulting VIP is not an expense. It’s an investment in smooth company formation in Dubai!

The Launchpad Your Empire Needs

There for You and Your Business From A to Z

When the times comes to set up and implement your bank accounts for your business in Dubai, we and IFZA will be there to simplify and streamline the process. This way, you get the best head start on your new life in Dubai. The best part? You don’t need to lift (more than) one finger to get started. Click the button below to get in touch with our team today. We look forward to walking alongside you as you take the first step into this exciting new chapter for your life and business.

SFM offers professional services for new business setup in UAE Free Zones covering businesses operating in different sectors and industries in the country.
Best Company Formation Dubai Services
Free Zones (also known as Free Trade Zones) are designed to boost international business through 100% ownership provision for foreign investors, and single window administration convenience. Once your business is up and running in the UAE, you, as the business owner, may apply for a UAE residence visa and hire staff. You may also apply for UAE residence visas for your dependents such as family members.
Best Company Formation Dubai Services
UAE has over 50 free zones covering all main business sectors. Whether your business is industrial, commercial, consultancy, retail, education, health or technology, the UAE free zones are ideal locations to establish your business.
Dubai is the business capital of UAE with specific established free zones for a wide variety of business fields. However, other Emirates now follow Dubai’s business vision and have developed their own Free Zones offering competitive and flexible rates competing within the UAE market.
Free zones offer a limited company with flexible structure for corporations and individuals, and a very easy process with only few days work required to establish and get your business up and running. The process can be done remotely, and foreign investors are not required to be physically present in the UAE to establish a new company.
Best Company Formation Dubai Services

SFM offers a full A-Z of services, not just company registration. Our Account Managers specialise in company law and are at your disposal throughout the year:

  • To answer all your general questions
  • To add or remove a company shareholder or director
  • To sign contracts on behalf of the company
  • To change your company’s name
  • To open bank accounts on behalf of the company
  • To produce additional company documentation (Certificate of Incumbency, Certificate of Good Standing, etc.)
  • To dissolve a company
  • To increase or decrease your company share capital
  • To transfer the company from another agent

Best Company Formation Dubai Services

Before issue of a UAE residence visa, you are required to go through several mandatory formal steps. We can guide our clients step-by-step through these immigration formalities.

Best Company Formation Dubai Services

Our specialised team of public relations aim to streamline this process on your behalf, allowing valued clients to focus on their company’s performance. We will also provide you with immigration advice concerning your family and staff if required.

There are two steps to the immigration process. The first is residency; the other is the process of combining that residency with the work permits allowing you to work in the country. The various entities involved are the Naturalization and Residency Departments and the Department of Labour, but The Ministry of Interior is also part of these formalities.

Best Company Formation Dubai Services

Once a company is formally incorporated in any UAE jurisdiction, we may then start the residency visa process. This is quite simple and includes a mandatory medical exam.

Generally, the medical examination takes a maximum of 5 working days. In most cases. this can be expedited with an urgent medical application.

Once the residence visa is approved, your passport will receive an authorising stamp. After this, one may obtain an Emirates Identification Card. Persons wishing to take up employment must apply for a mandatory labor card from the Ministry of Labour.

Best Company Formation Dubai Services

SFM’s dedicated Account Manager is on hand throughout to assist you and speed up the process where possible.

Best Company Formation Dubai Services