Planning Pays Off

How To Protect Your Assets in An Unstable Market

Planning Pays Off 

Professional asset protection is a skill that countless businesses and individuals desperately need, but very few actually have. With inflation on the rise across the globe, countless business owners are seeing first-hand how interrupted supply chains and market instability are not only destroying the purchasing power of the hard-earned money in their accounts, but placing the very future of their finances at risk.

This article provides you with real, actionable strategies that you can use to start fighting inflation and protecting your wealth as far as possible. However, these six steps are by no means a solution and should be followed by a consultation about how we can work together to provide you with sustainable, professional asset protection that actually works.

1. Don’t Wait

European clients are advised to leave as little money as possible on their accounts. Two months should be considered the maximum amount of time that funds should be left in an account.

2. Keep Your Money Flexible

For as long as your money remains in a bank, it belongs to that bank. Withdrawing your assets is the only sure-fire to ensure that they are, and remain, yours entirely. This recommendation also rings true for selling stocks before the predicted crash awaiting us in 2022.

3. Sell Your Life Insurance Policies

After considering the current uncertainty threatening the financial circumstances of wealthy individuals around the world, we recommend that our clients sell them while they still hold real value.

4. Invest In Precious Metals

This strategy has been around for as long as professional asset protection as a whole. While investing in precious metals might not yield staggering profits, they will give you the chance to protect the assets that you currently hold.

5. Avoid Investing in Real Estate

Property investment in Germany is an expensive approach at the best of times. With possible levy increases looming on the horizon, the dangers far outweigh the benefits at the moment.

6. Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies were already set to replace the traditional banking system, but with the increased pressure on financial institutions due to COVID-19, this might happen sooner than anyone could have predicted. The key, however, is to invest in stable coins that have better chances of weathering the economic storm that we’re bound to face in the next few years.

Invest In Professional Asset Protection Today

Reach out to Alexander Erber for more information on how fighting inflation is a very real possibility despite the current market conditions. During a one-on-one consultation, Alexander will provide you with an actionable game plan. Our investments are finalized outside the usual monetary cycle of banks, and the support we offer cannot be replicated by any other financial institution.

So, if you’re ready to start fighting inflation and protecting your wealth with proven strategies and world-class support, reach out to us today to book your orientation meeting with Alexander Erber.

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