Refer A Friend to Global Success Consulting...

...And Get Rewarded

While Global Success Consulting acts as a close mentor and professional business consulting provider, we’re still an old-fashioned business at heart. We thrive on the positive feedback and word-of-mouth that our clients share. The way we go about business set-up in the UAE is so effective that we have no doubt you’ll want to share our details with your friends, partners, or colleagues.

We’ve got a special referral program that we use to show our genuine appreciation for your satisfaction and support. When you refer a client to our professional business consulting services, we’ll send you exclusive cryptocurrency rewards.

How It Works

Share Our Details

You can share a link to our website, our personal contact details, or simply tell the person you’re referring to use your name when they reach out to us themselves.

Wait For Them to Sign Up

We only consider a referral successful once that person signs up or purchases our services.

Get Rewarded

We’ll contact you as soon as the person you referred signs up with Global Success Consulting to follow up on how and where you can access your cryptocurrency reward

Our Affiliate Program

If you’d like to start earning an income as one of our valued ambassadors, sign up to our Affiliate Program now. We pay commission on certain online courses and consulting services, so reach out to our team now to find out if you qualify.